George Gallego - CEO / Founder

GEORGE GALLEGO is the founder and President of Wheels of Progress. He survived a spinal cord injury sustained in 1992. After years of coming to grips with his disability, he moved on to attend and manage a flight school on Long Island.  His college degree is in Organizational Management. For the past four years, he has been a world-class athlete competing in triathlons around the world.  He has done mentoring and counseling through Mt. Sinai Hospital and at Beth Abraham Nursing Home — where young SCI persons are “housed” temporarily or even permanently. In 2009, George became the president of the New York Chapter of the Spinal Cord Injury Association. 

Rosemarie Murray - Vice President

ROSEMARIE MURRAY is a Vice President of Wheels of Progress. An Asst. Professor of Literature, Language, and Communication at Mercy College, Dr. Murray, also has a degree in counseling from LIU.  In addition to helping start Wheels of Progress, she was also one of the original members of Hudson Link for Higher Education in Prison, which was founded, during her tenure as Dean of Students at Mercy College. After meeting the young people with spinal cord injuries who live at Beth Abraham Nursing Home in the Bronx, she resolved to help make appropriate housing available for this group of neglected, forgotten, “invisible” individuals.

Margaret Mark - Marketing

MARGARET MARK is a marketing guru who helped the founders of Wheels of Progress in the early stages of its creation. She is the president of Margaret Mark Strategic Insight, a marketing consulting firm specializing in a unique form of brand management based on a deep, even primal, understanding of how consumers and brands interact. A former Executive Vice President of Young & Rubicam, her recent clients include Cablevision/Madison Square Garden, Sesame Workshop, SAP America, Polo Ralph Lauren, and the March of Dimes.  It did not take long for Margaret to see the need and agree to become a member of the Board of Wheels of Progress.