Thank you for making the decision to ‘‘Get Involved!’’  Your potential has never been stronger, the need has never been greater, and the time to get involved has never been better.  Finding the opportunity that best suits your skills, availability, and expectations can make all the difference in your experience.  You have the power to leave a lasting legacy through service to other.

How To Get Involved


If you have the motivation, time, and expertise in one of the following areas, Wheels of Progress welcomes your interest and possible participation.  You may contribute in these arenas:

  • Fundraising
  • Tutoring as part of our education initiative
  • Moving services when our constituents move from nursing homes to their own apartments
  • Grant writing
  • Marketing and outreach
  • Creating architectural and interior design

Please follow the link and fill out our Volunteer Application.  We look forward to speaking with you soon.

Corporate Sponsorship

Partner with Wheels of Progress through product donations financial support, or mobilizing your company’s employees as volunteers.

How to become a Wheels of Progress Corporate Partner:

Our corporate partners work hand-in-hand with us to provide decent, affordable and accessible housing to people who desperately need it. In return, we provide our partners with a wealth of benefits, including public relations, tax deductions and a positive effect on company morale.
We invite your company to partner with us and support our mission. You can get involved through:

  • Product donations
  • Financial support
  • Volunteer mobilization
  • Grants and awards programs
  • Raising public awareness

Contact our Corporate Programs department

Wheels of Progress
Corporate Programs
1325 Fifth Ave Suite 4B
NY, NY 10029

Community Partnership

How to become a Wheels of Progress community partner:

Our community organization partners help give families in need the tools necessary to break the cycle of institutionalization.  When your organization partners with us, you will receive a number of reciprocal benefits such as recognition and tax deductions.  Additionally, our partners often tell us that the partnership provides an overall increase in their group’s morale.

Private Philanthropy Partnership

Make an enduring impact with Wheels of Progress

Lead gifts from Wheels of Progress’ private philanthropic partners can make a strong, unique and lasting impact on Wheels of Progress’ mission. We are ready to listen and understand your philanthropic objectives. We can show you how your goals likely align with Wheels of Progress’ many transformational opportunities.

Contact us at:

Cause Marketing Partnership

Our corporate partners engage in cause marketing initiatives and promotions that give employees and consumers the opportunity to get involved in the fight against homelessness.

How to become a Wheels of Progress Cause Marketing Partner

Co-branded marketing partnerships provide opportunities for your company, its employees and consumers to get involved in a worthy cause. Proceeds from the sponsorship of Wheels of Progress’ promotions will be used to transform lives and communities.

Inspire your consumers and employees to join the fight against institutionalization

In today’s economy, 79 percent of Americans will switch brands to support a cause they believe in (Cone/Duke University Behavioral Cause Study, 2008).

Some of the ways in which you can get involved:

  • Percentage-of-sales donations.
  • Redemption-based donations.
  • Event-driven fundraising.
  • Targeted packaging.
  • Sponsorships.